Arien aus Stein_Skills_Hamburg 2020

– 975


When they see you as a people of colour
They will just come and ask
Ask you about paper
If they control your paper
And they see in the paper
Ah this guy should be in Sachsen Anhalt
Or in Baden Württemberg
Because your asylum camp,
Your refugee camp, your lager
Is somewhere else
And with this Landkreis Paper
You are not allowed to come here in Hamburg
They want you to stay
In this camp in Sachsen Anhalt and wait
Wait for the deportation

So if you have this Landkreis on your paper
They will just
Put chain on you
And than put you to the station
No not in the trainstation
In the nearest police station
In any nearest police station
And when they put you in police station
They will put you in the corner
And they will
Take all your clothes of
And they will check you more
Also your As
They check you
If you have drugs
Than they will take your Ausweis
Also you will sleep there
You will sleep on that ground
You will sleep on that ground of the police station
On the floor

And in the morning 8 o´clock
They will give you a paper
This paper is like for two days
And they will tell you to go to your Heim
And than if you go to your Heim
They than will give out your Ausweis
But after one month or two month.
There is going to be a letter to post
And the letter will say you will pay

The letter will say you will pay 170,80 Euro
And if they control you again
You would go to prison
200 Euro that is twenty days in prison
300 Euro 30 days in prison
They control you
You pay like 170,80 Euros
You pay that
And they control you again and they say
Now you have to pay 975