Arien aus Stein_Skills_Hamburg 2020

– I want something I could not get


Sometimes people get stressed
They will come to the Hafentreppe
They will have somebody to talk with
And they will be ok

All this thing cannot break us
So you must keep on laughing
Feel savely home with the people there
Is like that in Balduintreppe

Here I met people from all over the world you know
For me is not like a danger zone

People that come to the stairs to buy drugs
They were smoking marihuana before I was born
This place was here before I was born
And St. Pauli was like that before I was born
So why is it now a danger zone?
Because people from Lampedusa are here
But the city belongs to everybody
No matter if you are illegal or not illegal

Because we are living here
I want something I could not get
My mission was coming, going to school
Learn a lot and be what I want to be in the future
But all those things are taken away from me
You cannot go to school
You cannot do anything
They give me a life, that I never wanted